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KVM live & incremental VM backup with BORG

WORKING DRAFT DOCUMENT - INCOMPLETE 0. Preface Live incremental VM backups on a stand-alone KVM hypervisor, is something I wanted to get to work for quite some time, but never found the time to. Until now. Turns out it isn’t all that difficult. With a combination of libvirt snapshots, borg, rsnapshot and systemd – and optionally a cloud storage provider – one can create a very nice and robust backup workflow. [Read More]

Dnsmasq Ad & Tracker Blocking DNS Forwarder

Ansible Role & Playbook You can configure dnsmasq as a dns request forwarder while actively blocking known ad and tracker domains. This does wonders for your online privacy and page load times, providing a better browsing experience. I will be using ad server list. You can use any list you want, just be sure you can get it into a format dnsmasq can read. I’m running the Arch Linux ARM OS on a Raspberry Pi 2, but you can do this with any linux setup. [Read More]

Simple My IP Service with NginX

This is a nifty little trick I figured out with the help of Emil on the #nginx irc channel. We will be returning the visitor ip without hosting any files or using any client or server-side scripting. Only nginx config. This is why I like this solution, the simplicity of it. nginx.conf Set up a new vhost (and dns record if you are using a subdomain) and add the following: [Read More]