Update to React PoS - New Order Page & More

Update to React PoS - New Order Page & More

React PoS Updates!

The React Point-of-Sale app functionality has been further extended. Changes and new features include:

  1. New Order page
  2. Settings are now saved on-the-go (no more save button)
  3. New Settings:
    • Set exchange rate source
    • Set currency (30+ currencies available)
    • Configure Discount and Sales Tax presets (to be used on the new order page)
  4. Added order detail to Sales Ledger page
  5. Improved responsive behaviour of the numpad.

Check out the Project Website or go straight to the Live Demo!

New Order Page

The new order page allows you to create an item list, multiply items, set a discount & tax rate and last but not least, proceed to the payment of the bill.

React PoS Order Page

Settings Page

Setting are now saved on-the-go. This means, any configuration change is saved and applied immediately. No need to click a save button anymore.

You can now select an exchange rate source and choose from 30+ currencies to convert from. Sources include: CoinMarketCap, CryptoCompare, Kraken, Coinbase and more.

Additionally, you can define discount and tax presets, to be used on the order page.

React PoS Settings Page

Order Detail in Sales Ledger

View the details of completed orders through the sales ledger page.

React PoS Order Detail

React PoS GitHub

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