Spam Backlog and Why Miners Don't Want to Set Limits Way Beyond Actual Use

Many of us were disappointed when the most recent backlog was not eaten away by one or two blocks and about the resulting UX impact. Yet, by our own message and marketing, we kinda promised 1sat/byte and next block confirmation for transactions, but that’s just not how bitcoin works. This promise still holds true in regular conditions. But! It needs to be nuanced and take into account the specific details and intricacies when it comes to mining on the Bitcoin Cash network. [Read More]

Quickstart BCHD gRPC API for Golang Developers

Quickstart BCHD gRPC API for Golang Developers The recently announced protobuf gRPC API on BCHD provides developers with easy access to an indexing blockchain server. Simplifying the infrastructure back-end by integrating the indexing server into the BCHD bitcoin node. Read the announcement for more details on all the advantages of using gRPC over a JSON REST API. Alright, lets jump right into it. 1. Connection Prereqs Read the client usage example for detailed information on how to set up a connection. [Read More]

Update to React PoS - New Order Page & More

React PoS Updates! The React Point-of-Sale app functionality has been further extended. Changes and new features include: New Order page Settings are now saved on-the-go (no more save button) New Settings: Set exchange rate source Set currency (30+ currencies available) Configure Discount and Sales Tax presets (to be used on the new order page) Added order detail to Sales Ledger page Improved responsive behaviour of the numpad. [Read More]

Update to Pyxpub and React PoS

Pyxpub Github Repo New API endpoint /api/rate A new API endpoint has been added to enable more choice for exchange rate sources and currency rates. The rate request allows you to poll the current exchange rate and supported currencies for your preferred exchange rate source. Poll supported currencies for source /api/rate?source=<source> Fetch exchange rate /api/rate?source=<source>&currency=<CUR> Sources CryptoCompare Kraken Coinbase/GDAX Supported currencies CryptoCompare ["EUR", "USD", "GBP", "AUD", "BRL", "CAD", "CHF", "CLP", "CNY", "CZK", "DKK", "HKD", "HUF", "IDR", "ILS", "INR", "JPY", "KRW", "MXN", "MYR", "NOK", "NZD", "PHP", "PKR", "PLN", "RUB", "SEK", "SGD", "THB", "TRY", "TWD", "ZAR"] Kraken ["EUR", "USD"] Coinbase/GDAX ["EUR", "USD"] Examples Poll supported currencies for specified source curl 'http://localhost:8080/api/rate? [Read More]

Introducing React Point-of-Sale and Pyxpub!

Empower merchants to bring Bitcoin Cash into our daily lives! Introducing React PoS & Pyxpub React Point-of-Sale is a client-side point-of-sale app for Bitcoin Cash. It runs in the browser and fetches its data from a private payment gateway, pyxpub, which I’ll introduce later. It best explains itself by checking out the demo. Demo Github Repo This JavaScript based web app is made to showcase the features of pyxpub, and ideally can serve as an example for developers to develop more merchant apps on top of pyxpub. [Read More]

What is Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Bitcoin Cash is a digital currency which can be used at any location with internet or phone access. You can use it with your phone, tablet or computer to send and receive payments, donations or any type of transaction for that matter. It is fully decentralized, with no central bank and requires no trusted third parties to operate. It is fully functional world-wide electronic cash for the internet. [Read More]

The Bitcoin Whitepaper

The Bitcoin Whitepaper Download: bitcoin.pdf This is the most important document of them all. Whether you’re a newcomer trying to get a grasp on the concept or a seasoned verteran. This is where you start and this is where you come back to when you loose perspective. For posterity’s sake the Bitcoin whitepaper has also been uploaded to the blockchain. You can find the pdf in the following transaction: 54e48e5f5c656b26c3bca14a8c95aa583d07ebe84dde3b7dd4a78f4e4186e713 (source) [Read More]